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ABOUT ave64


AVE64 can be used by anyone selling their property. My philosophy is to be transparent and approachable whilst creating spaces that are renewed and perceptible, able to be seen and noticed.

AVE64 is a client-focused service that is committed to exceeding expectations and offering high standards of work to all my clients.


Within minutes of walking into an open house, buyers have already made up their minds. A home staged by AVE64 can present a powerful and effective lure to entice buyers to come through and fall in love.

Aimed at the right target market, this conjures a sense of feeling at home and how liveable your place may be, which can enhance the value of your home and give it that "WOW" factor.

At AVE64 we use your existing furniture so you don't have to go through the stress and expense of putting your furniture into storage. We'll bring in a variety of carefully chosen decorative styling pieces, which you get to keep. This allows you to keep your home styled for as long as you need.


We're dedicated to delivering impeccable service to our clients. When you invest with us, expect top quality from start to finish.


Get your home staged with AVE64, we offer competitive pricing that is affordable compared to the rest.


Communication is a major factor in the process of staging your property! we want to talk openly and tailor our service with flexible hours to suit you.


We'll commit to providing a tailored experience for every client. We stage accordingly to the style of your property and target market.

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